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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Darlene & James

Just couldn't get enough of this great wedding!!!

Darlene & James

Darlene & James were married last month on a rainy, overcast day - and we couldn't have asked for a better situation! We had a perfect break in the day and were able to sneak outside on two separate occasions to photograph with the happy couple. After having photographed their engagement session, we had a great time shooting - Darlene and Jim are just so sweet with each other and were happy to ignore me while I chased them around downtown Albany with a camera. St. Mary's church in Albany was a sight to be seen - lucky we were able to get in early and set up some awesome lighting. And the State Room lived up to it's slogan, "the best kept secret in Albany." An amazing location, meal and space... AND so close to so many great photography spots in downtown Albany. You only have to walk out the front door to find something fun to shoot. Also my first time working with Tom from All Around Sound, though I had heard many good things (all true). Tom is a real pro, and very considerate of his clients. A trait that can't be underestimated on your wedding day! Thanks so much to Jim and Darlene for inviting us to help with their wedding photography - and congratulations again! Best wishes!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Angela & Tim Part III

Yes, that's right, part III. Scroll down for parts I & II - and congratulations again to Tim and Angela!!

Angela & Tim part II

Scroll down for part I - OR just check out Tim and the Boys here from their April wedding!

Wedding Season is BACK!

The updates are long overdue - but here we are in the thick of the spring wedding season... so bring on the blog!! Angela and Time were married on a BEAUTIFUL April evening at Longfellow's here in Saratoga. Here's a peek at the highlight reel for the wedding - great job by Ray shooting this great video! Always love working at Longfellow's - there are so many great spots to shoot in and out! Check out these photos with Angela and the girls - what a fun bunch!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Erica & Brendon

Congratulations Erica & Brendon! I knew they were going to be a fun couple when they suggested meeting for a beer to discuss their wedding plans. I met Erica at Make Me Fabulous in Ballston Spa where Alayne and the girls did just that! Thanks to MMF for welcoming me in to photograph amongst all of the hair, makeup, and mimosas... Then we headed back to Longfellow's to finish dressing and get ready to meet Brendon for a chilly first look! I think his face says it all as he opened the doors to see his soon to be wife. If you've ever wondered whether or not to set up a first look or not on your wedding day, feel free to e-mail or call, I'd be happy to discuss the ups and downs of both scenarios - your photographer should never try to talk you into anything you weren't interested in. The most important thing to me on your wedding day is that you are HAPPY! If you aren't happy, you won't look good in any of the photos! There was no shortage of happiness between Erica and Brendon - with many thanks to Gerri and the wonderful staff at Longfellow's - no matter how many times I work there, or what the circumstances might be, they always come through with a great meal, and great experience! And making the experience even better throughout the night was having the always professional, always enjoyable company of Mike Garrasi from Music Man Entertainment. Mike won't annoy you, won't lead line dances and pose for the camera - but he WILL keep everyone dancing, have a positive, supporting attitude - and play great music! Well done Mike - always good to work with you and Gerri. We had a great deal of fun photographing all around inside and out at Longfellows - and if you'd like to see more from this wedding, visit me here on Facebook to check out their wedding gallery! Congratulations again to the happy couple - and here's to a beautiful future.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Boathouse in October

Remember when it was sunny and warm outside?!?! If not - look at these photos. What a beautiful day Jamin and Jennifer had to get married last October. The ceremony and reception took place at The Boathouse on Lake George. The day came off without a hitch - and it's a great venue, especially for a smaller, more intimate wedding. Rich Ortiz kept everyone dancing all night - which is amazing. Not often that you are fortunate enough to work with a single musician that can keep everyone happy and dancing all by himself! Rich is a great choice, especially for smaller venues where you want live music but can't fit a full band, or when you want something fun and a bit different than the "wedding norm." I've known Jennifer and Jamin for a few years now, and it was so much fun to take part in their wedding day. They should teach a course in "being happy and laid back on your wedding day!" It really comes through in the photos - and I thank them again and again for including me in their special day. Congratulations!! (And if you'd like to see more photos or speak with me about your wedding - visit our booth this weekend at the Saratoga City Center Wedding Expo from 11am - 3pm Sunday February 6th, 2011.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Saratoga Springs Modeling Shoot Fall 2010

Here are a few photos from a fun modeling shoot we did here in Saratoga last fall. I always love getting outside and shooting with the natural light. When we're in the studio, we always strive to make the lighting look as natural as possible - and when it's 5 degrees outside... we're stuck in the studio! (At least for this type of shoot.) To me, the best part of being outside isn't the lighting though - it's the feeling of freedom you see in the subjects you are photographing. There is nothing like being outside in open space, rather than being trapped a certain distance from the light, or against a wall in the studio, etc... Looking forward to spring and more great headshot and modeling shoots!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year

Looking at the time when I last posted, I bet you can guess my New Year's Resolution... So here I am back blogging. As it turns out, someone other than you is actually following this, or WAS. Our business is booming, and in large part thanks to social media such as Facebook. But some of you insist on not joining the FB world - or wish to stay anonymous and "not my Facebook Friend." I'm okay with that, as long as you enjoy the photos and leave a comment when you feel so compelled! Best wishes for a Happy New Year, and enjoy the new photos as they come online. These are a few photos while in Italy for Kristen and Marco's wedding last summer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Julia & Matt

Let me summarize. It's raining, the hair salon is running about thirty minutes behind, the groom gets trapped in the elevator WITH the photographer, and the limo breaks down on the way to the ceremony. So if "rain on your wedding day is good luck," then Julia and Matt must have hit the jackpot with this one!! What's the moral here? They still got married, they still got great photos, and they still partied. As much as everyone wants to have that perfect sunny day, it doesn't always happen, though you've just spent thousands of dollars to plan this once in a lifetime event. Julia and Matt were so much fun to work with! Neither one of them seemed even remotely affected by any of this - and when it came time to see each other, it seemed that everything was suddenly right in the world. First off, Julia is beautiful, and Matt's no slouch either - who doesn't love a man in uniform! The Hall of Springs put together yet another outstanding event for us, always a pleasure to work there - with beautiful interiors, exteriors, the entire state park at our disposal, and the outstanding catering of One Reputation. It was easy to see how loved these two were by family and friends, particularly when Matt's brother stood to deliver one of the most heartwarming best man toasts I've ever heard. It sounded like they shared an utopian brotherhood as children... luckily I held my tears back, because as it turns out, Matt's mom gave me the "real story" which I'm sure was much more accurate! (Though not nearly as touching!) I've known Matt and Julia now for over a year, having photographed there engagement session in the spring of 2009, and as much as I'm happy to see them married, I'm sad that it has already come and gone - I was really looking forward to it! Luckily we'll have the pictures to prove the day was a success, and if you ever decide to renew your vows and throw a party for 150 people, please let me know! I'll be there in a heartbeat! Congratulations again to Julia and Matt - may you have a long and happy life together as husband and wife! To learn more about our wedding packages and availability, please call Rob Spring at 518 584 0596 or check us out online at: